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Our Company
EZCON is a service-based company within the Singh’s Group of companies. Our parent company has its inception in 1964, and has subsequently grown to encompass 14 stand alone companies doing business internationally. We are proud suppliers of quality products and materials to the construction industry. We specialize in the supply of construction grade aggregates, high quality wet and dry mix concrete, specialty concrete mixtures and a range of building materials, all geared towards infrastructure-related projects and to the construction industry in general.

Our five Ready-mix concrete plants are located in diverse geographical areas of Trinidad giving us both spatial and cost advantages over the competition. Our testing facility, Point Lisas Testing Services Limited, ensures stringent quality control and our sincere commitment to our customers have made us one of the top producers and suppliers of Ready-mix concrete, Asphalt and Aggregates in Trinidad and Tobago. Sister companies within the Group: Aggregate Industries (aggregate mining and supply), Aztec Asphalt Pavers (road building and paving) have enabled a a large degree of self-reliance of supply and services, thereby increasing the efficiency of our overall operations.

We guarantee that each individual project, irrespective of size, to be efficiently and effectively executed according to schedule and stipulation, while ensuring that safety, quality and the environment are never compromised.

As we continue to grow, we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and technological efficiencies. Accordingly, we are committed to remaining on the cutting edge in our respective fields, leadership in the business community and progressive partnering with all our stakeholders through ethical business practices.

EZCON, a is a world class operations and technology driven company, commited to leadership in the business community and progressive partnering with all our stakeholders through:

• A focus on customer satisfaction with quality products and services.
• Growth through diversification and expansion of our core competencies through the nuturing of strategic alliances.
• The empowerment of our employees participating in our network of mutual support.
• Superior financial performance and accesptable annual rate of return to our shareholders.

We are firmly committed to providing qualtiy and value for our customers, sharholders, employees abd by extension the community. 
Through a higly motivated, well-qualified staff and superior technology in the production, supply and delivery or quality products and services it is our mission: 

To provide excellence and quality in products and customer service and a high level of satisfaction to the needs of our stakholders, thereby creating an environment where we will become the dominant supplier of wet and dry ready mix concrete and related services, and oustanding corperate citizen and a preferred employer.

Quality Policy
EZCON is committed to quality and has the ability to produce products and services at the the most precise standards. Our Quality Policy is simple: 

We believe in achieving the pinnacle of quality in everything we do. We are thus committed to continuously providing uncompromised quality products and excellent customer service.

 We do this through our full compliment of trained professionals with over offer a full complement of trained professionals with over sixty years of combined experience in the construction industry. Our immediate goal is to ensure that each individual project is efficiently and effectively completed according to schedule, while ensuring that safety, quality and the environment are never compromised.  Accordingly, our managment will ensure that all products and services consistently exceed the requirements and specifications of our valued customers. 

EZCON incorporates the highest standards of practice in its overall operations without losing sight of our commitment to the environment. Accordingly, all works are undertaken properly with minimal disruption and environmental disturbance, while maintaining a safe and comfortable surrounding for our staff and members of the community. 

Latest News
September 2006 
EZCON Corporate Website is launched
We are pleased to announce the official corporate presence for EZCON. Feel free to browse our new site and learn more about how EZCON can help you with your next project.