Aztec Asphalt Pavers Ltd, produces hot mix asphalt paving mixtures and is a leader in roads infrastructure and development, providing viable solutions and technologies to improve the quality and safety of our local road and highway networks. 

Established as an independent contractor we provide the highest quality construction services. Our experienced team coupled with the use of quality materials and machinery allow us to deal with a wide range of infrastructure and related projects from government appointed road building and asphalt re-sheeting to airport tarmacs, parking lots, residential housing developments bridges and culverts. 

We offer a comprehensive service operating in accordance with industry standards, including on-site surveys and evaluation of the customer requirements, detailed estimates, followed by high quality works and services. 

Our centrally located compound in the Point Lisas Industrial estate provides us with a manufacturing facilty close to highways and major thoroughfares allowing for convenient supply to job sites. The paving process involves the planning and coordination of our transport and production systems. We have put all the systems in place to provide this important service to the construction industry throughout Trinidad with Quality Control professionals maintaining strict standards on all hot mix asphalt produced on a daily basis.




Asphalt, composed mainly of bitumen, a material that originates from the compacted remains of microorganisms over millions of years and is therefore rich in hydrocarbons. A tarry, sticky semi-solid, resinous material which turns into a viscous liquid when heated is used in this optimal phase for the mixing of asphalt by combining it with aggregates (sand and gravel) to produce hot mix asphalt concrete (HMAC). When this mix is spread and compacted while still hot maximum bonding and strengths are achieved, enalbing it to withstand heavy duty use. As a result of its durabiltiy it has become a very populat materil in the construction of tennis courts, parking lots airfields, roadways and major highways and is also popular as a sealant in roofs.