Construction materials testing and the analyisis of these materials, plays a vital role in a projects quality, integrity, saftey and accuracy for timley completion.

In order to achieve optimum performance, construction materials such as  aggregates, asphalt and concrete undergo a series of qualtity test before, during and after each construction project is completed.

For example aggregates, used in many construction processes and industrial enviroments are key componets in the manufacturing of Asphalt and Concrete.  For each individual product and their required mixed designs specific aggregates are required.Testing these aggregates for gradation, silt content, hardness, abrasion as well as crushing and washing them, to demanding standards will determine the difference between quality asphalts and concrete mixes.  

At Point Lisas Testing Services Limited, we are a technology driven service and testing company that provides a comprehensive range of services to a broad spectrum of industries and enterprises.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory situated in he heart of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate provides smaling, testing and analysis of asphalt and asphaltic concrete, aggregates, concrete products and soils. In addition we provide training, consultncy and support to our sister companies through field testing of pitrun (raw aggregates before the washing process) aggregate silt constent, testing slump, air content, mix temperature,visual appearance, casting cylinders coring of samples for compression testing  all to ensure uniformity and quality for their products.

Point Lisas Testing Services Ltd, providing quality systems, services and processes to better serve you and your products.

Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality of service in an efficient, accurate, professional and cost effective manner that exceeds our client's expectations and requirements, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Multifaceted: Our company can formulate asphalt mix designs specific to your job requirements .and we offer Marshall, Hveem and Superpave design methods, and can provide you wihth the lowest cost Job Mix Formula (JMF). Additionally, we are able to provide concrete and asphalt mix designs, concrete material designs and aggregate material designs.

Customer focused: PLT's expertise and technical services provide agencies, contractors and firms with the tools for optimum, cost effective and timely solutions to sophisticated industry problems. Point Lisas Testing services Limited...Quality, Services and Processes.